Visual effects

Our VFX team transforms ideas into stunning visual realities, adding depth and dimension to your storytelling. We strive for a natural approach where components added in post-production feel as if they were actually on-set with actors and other environmental elements. This helps your film scream big budget, but at a fraction of the cost.

our tools of the trade

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Greenscreen Compositing

Chroma Key is a VFX/Post-Production technique that is used to replace a green or blue screen with any background needed for a shot. Used in everything from news broadcasts, commercials, music videos, TV shows, and movies; our team of graphic artists can key out the screens in your footage to give a unique and professional background to your video.

Screen Replacement

Whether it’s a phone, TV, or computer, screens are tricky to capture effectively on camera. Brightness and refresh rate can cause unreadable screens and undesired banding issues in the final film. To rectify this, our Visual Effects Artists can track an object, and overlay a full HD screen recording. They’ll even make sure the screen is responsive to reflections and shadows, resulting in a seamless and crystal clear screen replacement.

Object Removal / Replacement

No matter how much planning goes into capturing a shot, there’s always the potential for unideal environmental elements to pop up when in the editing phase. With object removal, you can save that otherwise perfect shot and not compromise your original vision.

Augmented Reality Elements

Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive experience of a real-world environment in which the objects are “augmented” by computer-generated perceptual information. Using a combination of 3D GFX and pre-recorded footage, our Motion Graphics team can show a demonstration of how a piece of AR equipment will work or interact in the real world.

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Post-production may be the final phase of a project, but it should never be an afterthought. Secure our services today and enjoy peace of mind for your project's finale.