Color Grading

Our color services are as unique as the films we create, tailoring each package to the fine details of your film. Whether you need a basic grade or a unique look, special services like de-flicker or noise reduction, let us put on the finishing touches to bring your video to life.

our tools of the trade

No matter if you prefer us working in Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, or Final Cut Pro, we offer our services in the program of your choice.



We’ll review any supplied examples to get a clear picture of how to color your video. If you’re up for it, we can also talk about the finer details if you really want to dig in and collaborate.


Once we get picture lock, we’ll dive in and really get our mice dirty. Our goal is to create not only a beautiful video, but a cohesive piece start to finish. As we work through your video, we look for those little details to really take things to the next level.


We finish by cleaning any areas of unwanted visual noise, banding, or flicker for that perfect polish. Allowing your video to shine without anything getting in the way.

Chris Jones

Executive Producer / SobreMesa Media Solutions

Archaius makes our business better by being our color specialists. Whether it is creating a consistent brand image or collaborating with our corporate clients on revisions, Archaius has added value to our productions while freeing us up to focus more on other tasks.

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Post-production may be the final phase of a project, but it should never be an afterthought. Secure our services today and enjoy peace of mind for your project's finale.