Consulation Services

Starting a new video project can be very stressful. From finding the right voice actors to not understanding best practices, a fun video can quickly become costly. At Archaius, we offer guidance throughout the entire project wherever you may need help. We strive to impart knowledge and ensure that your projects run efficiently and smoothly.


Guiding Technical Elements

You can pick our brain on everything from camera settings for your project's aesthetic to how the production process can help in post-production. We love talking about LOG footage for color precision and high frame rates for cinematic flair. We offer guidance on lighting for green screen setups and tools like clapboards for easier editing. Unsure about the ideal resolution for social? We have got you covered there too!

Avoiding scope creep

By encouraging our clients to consult with us on viability and potential extra costs before committing to changes, we strive to get ahead of the curve and provide insight and avoid unnecessary project scope expansion. We want to create a space that encourages collaboration within the original scope so as not to affect your bottom line with unnecessary extras.

Feedback for Future Projects

We believe that there's something to learn from every collaboration. We review each project once completed to identify areas for improvement, and more importantly, celebrate the wins. This holistic approach to projects allows us to serve you better in the future; and also provides insights where we can work together to streamline the process and line up more moments to celebrate.

bidding on projects

Having worked on thousands of projects over the last decade we can help assess your client's needs to determine the time and resources needed for post-production. We’ll help you craft bids on projects and advise on potential execution strategies. Plus, we'll highlight opportunities for added value, like social media edits or alternate versions. Lastly, we'll outline any additional costs, such as stock footage licensing or voiceover talent fees.

pre-production planning

Approaching pre-production from a post-production perspective unlocks an amazing amount of freedom. By having a voice in this process, we believe that we can help set up bookend guidelines to use during production. This allows you to save money not only by planning exactly what you need to film, but also allows for expanded creativity knowing how each shot is going to be used.

Avoiding Unnecessary Costs

Technology has come a long way since we started Archaius a decade ago. We learned early on to embrace those changes and leverage that knowledge to help save our clients money. Whenever possible, we take advantage of our extensive libraries, including music, sound effects, stock footage, and graphics templates. Moreover, we can integrate AI solutions for cost-efficient voiceovers, photo/video enhancements, and audio adjustments.

Let's craft brilliance together!

Post-production may be the final phase of a project, but it should never be an afterthought. Secure our services today and enjoy peace of mind for your project's finale.