Audio Mixing

Let us perfect your audio and immerse you within the world of your video. You can turn the dial from 0 to 10, scaling our services from ducking and leveling to a sweetened polished mix, from music video to fully built out soundscape environments. We’ll use the tools and knowledge we’ve gained over our years of experience to draw you into scenes and help give emotion and texture to the final piece.

our tools of the trade

Along with Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro, we use Adobe Audition and iZotope tools as extra arrows in our quiver.



As we progress through your video we’ll start to build sound spaces to create textures that bring connection from video to audio.


After picture lock we’ll balance the frequency spectrum of each speaker for a natural timbre and clarity. We’ll control the dynamic range for consistency in frequency response and project loudness.


We’ll level the audio so narration is prominent, envelopes are smooth, and everything feels balanced. Using all the elements of the film we’ll create a mix to keep the film from feeling stale.


Finally, we’ll reduce or remove noise and control problem areas, such as clipping, humming, buzzing, or excessive reverb. Once we’re finished, your audio will sound crisp and deliver the most impact to your audience.

Joshua Hager

Managing Partner / 226 Collective

The sound! The sound design's been fantastic. It's something we weren't doing in-house, and I think it definitely brings another level. Kind of pulls you into to the video.

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