Creative Editing

The heartbeat of every project. The rhythm that guides the viewer through the story. The flow that makes you actually feel . . . something. Our mission is to find that spark in every project and create videos that are truly spectacular.

utilize our experts in every avenue


Think of us like the newest member of your inner circle. Invested in creating and moving forward together.


Your style is our specialty. We constantly adapt so your audience will never even know we were there.


We believe in a two way street, bouncing ideas back and forth in order to find the best way to tell the story.


We’ve seen it all when it comes to editing, so there is no challenge we’re afraid to face.


Every project is supervised by an experienced editor to ensure that it lives up to our standard and yours.


We are forever students of the craft, always looking for better, more engaging ways to tell your story.

our tools of the trade

We have established workflows in Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro. Each editor follows strict internal guidelines so no matter the editor, the NLE, or project, you can rest assured we’re on top of it.




This process serves as the base for all of our projects. Systematically sorting footage in the NLE of your choosing allows us to not only work smart and efficiently, but also ensures that at the end of the project everything is easily navigated for you or your client.

As we sort footage there is no stone left unturned. Scouring through every piece of media, we’re trained to look for the diamonds in the rough, the clip that may be the unsung hero of the video. We make sure any details are found that would push your video to the next level.


Every great video starts with a compelling story. We focus on identifying the strongest narrative threads and how we can sew them together into a powerful and effective piece. We love crafting those hidden details that you may not notice, but affect you as the viewer. We use different programs and techniques to open up the possibilities of each project — not only to think outside the box, but elevate above it entirely.

In this process you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you’d like. Want to pick the songs yourself? No problem. Want to let us take the reins? We’ve got you. We always enjoy collaboration and making this the most fulfilling experience for you and our editors.

internal review

Each project is assigned to an experienced editor to oversee the creative process. They will be your eyes on the ground throughout the entire project. This ensures that the communication between you and every team member is knowledgeable and that someone on our team is in your corner every step of the way.

As each cut is finished internally, your supervising editor will review drafts until it’s ready for you. Our supervisors scrutinize everything from pacing, to shot selection, to minor cut points. Being in contact with you, the supervising editor will not only judge by our standards, but also based on your direction, notes, and expectations for the video


We know the old cliche is that your feedback is very important, but we really do think it’s important! We view our relationship as a partnership, and we want that partnership to flourish. We’ll never shy away from making the film exactly what you want it to be. Even if the project’s scope limits our revision round potential, we still want to know any notes you have so we can make the next video even better.

For feedback we are proud to utilize the platform for sending drafts to elevate the draft experience. Then based on the comments left on the platform, discussion threads with your supervising editor, or video touchpoint calls, we’ll work to perfect the next cut so you’re excited to send it to your client.

picture Lock

Once all the video edits have been made, we’ll be ready to move on to the next step in the process. If the project includes color grading, audio mixing, and/or motion graphics, we’ll pass the baton to the next talented member of our team. If this is the last step, we’ll send the final video and all working files for a fully comprehensive deliverable.

Working in the NLE of your choosing allows for a greater level of collaboration between all parties involved. You can rest assured knowing that if the need arises, you can confidently open the project file and make any adjustments easily, and in a way that is familiar to you. If you want us to handle anything further down the line, we’re happy to get back under the hood and help knock out any added revisions, versions, or cutdowns that your client's request.

Andy McNeil

Founder / Filmless

Archaius is hands-down our A-Team for post-production. With the caliber of clients we serve, it’s critical we have a solid video editing team that delivers. Their communication and commitment to understanding our project goals are invaluable and we frequently involve a member of their team in client meetings and emails as our post-production supervisor. Archaius has become an integral part of our team, consistently helping us deliver outstanding results for our clients.

Let’s craft brilliance together!

Post-production may be the final phase of a project, but it should never be an afterthought. Secure our services today and enjoy peace of mind for your project's finale.