Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics, or GFX for short, covers a variety of categories ranging from simple lower thirds to animation of logos or graphic design elements. Adding these elements not only elevates the film, but adds a level of polish and high end feel to the final product.

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Text on Screen

To convey the correct information to the audience, text on screen can provide detail and highlight key points. We can tailor the text on screen to fit your desired aesthetic and help to accentuate the narrative. Our team can also elevate the project with more advanced text animation styles to keep the viewers' interest.

Logo Animation

By using your existing logos and design elements, our Motion Graphics team can create an animated version that will catch the eye of your audience. Incorporating animated logos into your projects will bring a new level of brand recognition and name retention to your company.

Creating Lower Thirds

Lower thirds are a great way to put names to faces and identify locations. There are endless options available to animate these textual elements into eye-catching graphics. By using your brand’s font and colors, our Motion Graphics Artists will find the perfect way to match your lower thirds to your project’s style and expectations.

Diagrams and Explainers

Incorporating diagrams and explainers help to keep information in the forefront that would otherwise be forgotten. These can range from a simple graphic to an animated diagram that moves and highlights along with narration. These visual elements will not only give the viewer clarity, but keep them captivated as well.

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