Meet the core of Archaius – a collective of Southern Californians that bring creativity and dedication to every project. Rooted in diverse expertise and bound by a shared passion for storytelling, we ensure every project fits your needs; giving you a collaborative partner throughout the post-production process.

The Soul Behind Our Sequences

We do right by our clients and our team.


We’re artistic and technical experts.

We don’t settle for subpar.


We don’t have egos.

We make solutions.


We value community.

The people powering archaius

David Aguilar

Founder CEO

In 2012 the world was supposed to end, but for Archaius, we were just getting started. That year marked a turning point in my life away from the lonely road of freelancing, to the hustle and bustle of team leadership — oh yeah, I married my childhood sweetheart that year too. Since then, Archaius has grown far beyond the limits of my own knowledge and expertise. We’ve expanded our technical and artistic skill sets, refined our workflow and processes, and graduated to bigger and more complex projects. We’ve approached each step of our journey with an emphasis on doing great work and making sure the collaboration is enjoyable for both our team and our clients. Our team has grown and changed throughout the years, but we’ve maintained a collective dedication to our core identity: Good people. Fun projects. Happy clients.
Alex Perez
Head of Finance
Any day is a good day for an "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" rewatch.
Josh Ramos
Marketing Manager
I think buying a quesadilla at a restaurant is a rip-off.
Raquel Robles
Operations Manager
If I could time travel I would go to the future, to make sure Earth is still cool.
Alondra Lira Villalobos
Office Administrator
My laugh is so loud you can hear it from a mile away.
Ryan Plume
Supervising Editor
If ghosts exist, where are the dinosaur ghosts?
Yvonne Fujimoto
Supervising Editor
I think In-N-Out is gross.
Alex Zack
Creative Editor
When I’m not editing, you can find me at horror events. Or crocheting.
Brenson Renderos
Creative Editor
I bought a frog leg once from a guy on the side of the road in Cambodia. It was ok.
Oren Benamor
Creative Editor
My most treasured possessions are my wife and 2 dogs. I possess them daily. They are possessed.
Justin Sarceno
Motion Graphics Artist
“Not skydiving” is on my bucket list.

Your brand is our brand.
Your style is our style.

We care about doing excellent work for you and ensuring that you have a blast collaborating with us!