Our team of cinematic specialists consistently deliver at every stage of the editing process. From raw footage to final cut, we work with you to create unique, personal, and professional films.


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Don't take our word for it - see what our clients are saying about us!

We took a lot of pride in doing everything for our couples.  Archaius took the time to view our existing work and understand our storytelling goals.  We held our breath when we received the first highlight film edit back.  By the end of watching it we were smiling ear to ear.  We shared some revision ideas and they were implemented. It only took a few films for us to get comfortable with everything and for them to dial into our needs, but now we truly see them as an extension of our team.
— Jason Thiel - Copper Clover Films
I look at Archaius Creative as an investment in our mental and emotional health.  For ten years we have been producing wedding films, and for almost that same amount of time, we have labored under the burden of crushing backlog.

To this day, it’s been the best business decision we’ve made since founding the company.  With Archaius Creative, you’re not getting another contractor who is just looking at their bottom line.  You’re getting a partner in your endeavors.  A team that throws its arms around a project and loves it as much as you do.
— Christian Harrison - Frameblender Films
I truly feel having Archaius’ help with this process will bring the quality of our films to the next level. I could not be happier with our working relationship!
— Matt Forcier - LMV Productions
As wedding filmmakers we were so scared to send off our edits to another team. We have had really bad experiences in the past with other editors and we didn’t trust anyone to nail our style or get our films done on time.

The first time we contacted Archaius we were immediately impressed. They went out of their way to really get to know our style and the edits they have done for us are INCREDIBLE!!

Now our team has the freedom to focus on growing our business and serving our clients better than ever.
— David Reynosa - Forestry Films

Here are the answers to some of our
most frequently asked questions.



We’re definitely open to the idea! But logistically, we won’t be able to guarantee our regular turnarounds. We’ve found our most successful collaborations happen when the videographer looks ahead at her scheduled shoots to see where she might get backlogged, and then plans which projects to send us before they happen. That way, we can get them on our schedule, get the media promptly after the shoot, and get it all done before your deadline.

Q:Do you edit corporate as well as wedding projects?

Of course! We regularly collaborate on a wide variety of project types. We've worked on professional tutorial videos, commercial product promotional videos, corporate branding videos, charity and non-profit organization highlights, behind-the-scenes promos, and more! We’re always excited to explore new avenues and take on new challenges. Feel free to inquire about any project you'd like to collaborate on by sending us a message!

QDo you do any special audio enhancements?

Yes! Our Audio Engineers are experienced professionals in noise reduction, reverb control, and other specialized audio editing. Audio enhancing services are included in our Expert Package. However, we're happy to provide stand-alone or add-on pricing for any audio that has special needs beyond the scope of work covered in our other packages. Just send us a message to start working on a package that fits your needs.

QDo I need to send media on a specific type of hard drive?

Our only requirement here is that the drive works when you ship it off! The purpose of the hard drive that you send is simply to get the media here and back. Once a drive arrives, we transfer all of a project's media onto one of our editing drives, and work from that. Your drive will comfortably live in our security safe throughout the process. After a project is complete, all added media (SFX, music, graphics), final project file or library, and any requested exported files will be loaded back onto your hard drive* so you have a complete backup once it's returned to you!

*considering that there is ample free storage space on the hard drive

QDo you keep media after a project is completed?

We keep project media on our archives for one week after a hard drive is returned to you with all completed projects. You will receive an email at the one week mark letting you know that in the next 24 hours the media for your completed projects will be deleted from our hard drives. At that point, you have an opportunity to let us know if there's any need to keep the media until a specified point. It may be that the package didn't arrive when it said it would, your cat won't let you open the box, or any reasonable concern you may have! We will also back up a copy of the final project file onto our cloud storage, just in case!


Q: Can I pay to start multiple projects at once?

Of course! You can even pay for entire projects up-front if you'd like. Please check out our Payment Scheduling Agreement in order to see when payments are typically made throughout a project. However, because we're a young and growing company, our ability to turn out quality edits on our standard turnaround is limited. If for any reason you would like to pay the retainers for a batch of projects at one time, we'll touch base on the correct ordering you'd like to see them completed, and then be in contact with you to plan out how we can turn them around in a timely fashion.

QWhat forms of payment do you accept?

We accept checks mailed with hard drives (made out to Archaius Creative) and free bank transfers through the Quickbooks Online Invoice Email Portal. If you require special payment accommodations, please let us know and we will do what we can to work with you.


QWhat editing platform do you currently use?

Currently, we're primarily an Adobe-based company so we most projects are edited in Premiere CC. We have a select number of FCPX editors on staff, which will be considered depending on the scope of work of your project.

QAm I able to reopen a project if I use FCPX?

In short, yes! Although there are several caveats to jumping non linear editing platforms. At the end of the scope of work we'll be covering* we'll provide you with an XML export of your project, which you can reopen in FCPX.

*Videography companies that want to reopen a project from a different NLE typically need to do so in order to complete the project. This usually will involve color grading or audio mixing. Because of the limitations we've found with the XML process, it isn't recommended that clients look to make further edits to their project once opening it up on a different platform than Premiere CC. It's best for us to take the project through to final deliverable.

QHow does the revision process work?

For a thorough explanation of the collaborative process, please read our Editing Process.

We utilize the video collaboration site to upload drafts and communicate via timecode-specific markers and notes. For an introductory walkthrough on the platform, please check out their video here.

Our team can typically hone in a videography company's style and preferences within the first few projects. Assuming this is our first few time working together, we won't have a specific limitation for the number of revision rounds during the first 3 projects. Our editors are committed to doing what they need in order to see if we're an ideal fit for your workflow.

After the first 3 projects that we work on together, we aim to craft a deliverable project within the number of revision rounds specified within your selected Package. However, our driving force is to create an edit that you're proud to put your name on, so we're happy to make tweaks and adjustments beyond the scope of the standard revision rounds included in that editing package. If additional editing rounds are required for revisions otherwise missed in previous rounds, more can be added on. Additional revision round pricing starts at $250 per round, and is contingent upon the scope of work required.

As we've grown, we've found that our contribution to the work isn't a flawless science. We openly accept responsibility for any ways in which we've fallen short of your expectations and aim to get everything done right. That being said, some videographers have found that the editing process is too close to home to work with an outside editor--which is completely understandable. We're here to help in any way we can, so feel free to ask us about our Rough Cut-Only, or First Cut-Only services to decide how we can best take some work off your shoulders.

QHow long do revision rounds take? 

Good question! Since revision requests can span quite a range, from one or two shot changes, to replacing a music track that doesn't fit, there's no easy answer here. That being said, we have a personal goal of completing revision rounds as quickly and accurately as possible, and typically within a business week of receiving them.

Q: Where do I find printable resources and forms?

Right here! Click the buttons below to download the PDFs we use throughout our workflow process!

Please save these files to your computer before editing, they're best opened through Adobe Acrobat (paid/part of Adobe CC) or Adobe Reader (free).


QDo you provide music licensing?

We don't offer music licensing services. As we work through a project, we utilize the preview or watermarked tracks, just in case you liked a song before you saw the film coming together, but now it just isn't feeling right and needs to be swapped out.

Once a project has been approved through the Creative Editing process, we request that you send us the licensed/non-watermarked tracks through email,, Google Drive, or Dropbox in order to implement the audio mix*. Through the magic of relinking media (and a couple safeguards we've developed) we'll then swap this file in and replace the preview tracks.

Please take a look at our Music Licensing Agreement to make sure you understand that we assume all music provided to us without watermarks has been properly licensed and available for use in your projects.

*If audio mixing isn't a service you're interested in, we're still happy to swap the file out if you need us to, so that way once the project is returned to you, it'll be all nice and ready for you!

QWhat is the music selection process?

Depending on the Package level you select for your project, music selection is handled in several ways:

Expert Package:

After Rough Cutting all of your project's raw footage, watching through and notating all narrative content, organizing B-Roll, and reading through your Project Details Form/any additional provided information from the couple/wedding day (Questionnaires, etc), we will curate and provide song options from which you can choose. If none of the options we sent over stood out, we'll talk through what worked and didn't work, then follow up with a new set of tracks. Typically we're able to lock down a track in no more than 3 batches of songs.

Standard Package:

We'll select a track from a library you've created on your preferred music licensing site(s). We'll still shoot over the options for your approval per project, however the main advantage is that our song options are limited to those on your pre-approved libraries.

Fundamental Package:

The song(s) to be used in each project are selected and sent over by you. It's easiest to include them on the hard drive with the project(s), however this can be done at any point before the Creative Editing phase.

For either the Expert or Standard Package, a step that helps us hone in song options is to fill out our Project Details Form at the beginning of every film we collaborate on. Toward the bottom of this interactive PDF, you'll find a space for any general thoughts and comments you may have about the film. Sometimes, videographers leave a shoot with a mindset for how the edit will come together, so this is a great spot to get any of those thoughts down that we wouldn't otherwise know.

If you'd still like some guidance, or have specific questions about how we can best serve you throughout this process, feel free to send us a message, and we'll be happy to connect!

QWhat if I want to change music after seeing the film?

If this is requested during the revision rounds included in your package level, the request will be treated the same alongside all other revisions. It typically helps if you can let us know what isn't working with the song, or if you have another in mind.

Since music is such an integral part of the pacing and shot ordering of a film, this specific revision may take longer than the average shot swap or pacing adjustment.

If the request is made outside of the provided revision rounds, it will be handled as an additional round, starting at $250.

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