Our mission is to learn and understand your style so deeply that your couples truly receive a film that embodies the reason they selected you to capture their big day. Before sending us any project, it's important that we schedule a branding call with one of our Project Managers so they can ask questions and get to the heart of what makes your company's voice unique.

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Rough Cutting

Once we receive your footage we let loose our rough cutters to scour over every frame of footage like hyenas on the savannah, leaving no stone unturned or clip unseen.

They organize all of the assets received and create the foundation for each project. Each Rough Cutter is meticulous in selecting usable footage, devouring each clip and leaving no meat on the bone.

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Creative Editing

Throughout the second phase, our creative editors sculpt your footage into a true work of art.

These talented artists approach each film as a fresh block of marble, chiseling away until the beauty of your footage truly shines.

They'll form and shape each clip to reveal every precious moment, every cinematic composition, and every fine detail. 

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Audio & Color

This is where we slip your film into that little black dress in the back of your closet.

Our skilled colorists and audio engineers examine each frame and each beat to make sure that your film looks and sounds perfect. 

This is where we create your look and add those little touches that will really set your video apart, making it the prettiest girl at the ball.

We just completed our first project with Archaius Creative, and I am THRILLED. They nailed our style, and produced a film that was completely in harmony with the rest of our work. I’m backlogged and the relief that filled me when I looked at the first draft was overwhelming. I was so pleased.
— Joanna Banks-Morgan - Sixpence Productions
If you’re like us and want to re-claim your life without sacrificing the quality of your craft, do yourself a favor and give the folks at Archaius Creative a call.

— Christian Harrison - Frameblender Films

The Archaius Creative team was a dream come true for us! We thought we’d never be able to produce the same quality films unless we did the work ourselves - we were wrong. The Archaius Creative team cares just as much about our clients and the the finished product as we do.
— Keith Brown - Forward Motion Production