We take your raw footage and turn it into comprehensive tutorials, courses,
or lectures for you to share online.

Editing Services

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Our Process

The instructor is to provide the raw footage, course outline, script, titles slides. We will work closely with the instructor to understand their vision for the course; although we also have instructors that don't have a specific vision and trust us to put the course together as we see fit. 
We will edit together the course based on the outline's guidance and the instructor's input. The instructor will approve or give their feedback in the form of revision rounds at every step of the process. We will upload the final lectures to the instructor's platform of choice. 


Color Services


We take a collaborate approach to create a custom or signature look. Utilization of advanced software will enhance or restore the look of the footage.


Adjustments from the fundamental package with additional care to make sure the footage matches and, in some cases, masking trouble areas.


Adjustments to footage's brightness and contrast. This is to improve most footage and give a rich look.

Mixing Services


Working with Archaius Creative on post-production of our Udemy course videos was a pleasure The team worked quickly and efficiently. They were friendly, helpful and responsive. It was clear that they were committed to achieving the results we wanted and ensuring we were happy with the final product.
— Jennifer Barrett, Chief Education Officer at Acorns
In working with David and the Archaius team, it’s always extremely apparent that they know what they are talking about. They aren’t a group of people who fumble around and ‘make things work’. It’s incredibly rewarding to have a relationship with them where we feel comfortable in letting them take the reigns when it comes to building educational content for our customers. We know, without a doubt, that they will lead our viewers in the right direction.
— Meg Tetrault, Marketing Director at LensProToGo
Archaius Creative is, by far, the most hardworking, honest, efficient, deadline and service-oriented video production organization I’ve ever worked with. We highly recommend them to anyone interested in cost containment and stellar results.
— Mike Dooley, NY Times bestselling author and co-founder of TUT.com