Our tutorial editing services are fully scalable and customizable.

Pick and choose the exact editing techniques that best serve your course, you can always choose to add on or upgrade later.

Trimmed Footage and Transitions is one of the two the fundamental services included on all educational videos. We’ll make sure that you truly look and sound your best by choosing the best take, cutting out any pauses, stutters, or transitioning to different angles/footage.

If your video is shot from multiple camera angles, we’ll cut between them in order to help mask cuts and ensure your video looks professional and easy to follow.

Working with only one camera makes things less seamless, as any edit in the footage causes what is known as a “jump cut” between clips. However, we can mask that jumpiness with a number of different transitions including a dip to white or black, or a cross dissolve. Another technique we use to mask jump cuts is called crop and reframe. See below for more details.


Fundamental Titles and Text is the second fundamental service included with every educational video we help produce.

This level of service includes a title slide/text at the beginning of every video, standard lower thirds text (instructor name/title), and an ending slide after the video’s conclusion.


Lecture Content Text covers any text you want to appear on screen throughout each lecture, most often used to emphasize key points or itemizing lists.

Fonts and transitions for lecture content text can also be customized to fit your company’s image, so just let us know if you have a particular vision or brand-specific fonts you’d like us to use.


Inclusion of Provided B-Roll covers any non-text elements you’d like to appear in your lectures, such as graphics, slides, charts, screen capture, or B-roll (additional footage) from the shoot.

The difference between this service and Creative B-Roll below is that the footage must be provided with at least some instruction as far as where to place it within each video.


Crop and Reframe is used for two primary purposes:

  • “Punching” in and out to mask jump cuts. This creates the quasi-impression of a second camera angle when working with single camera footage.

  • Moving the talking head around the screen in order to make room for text or graphics that won’t fit on either side when the the subject is in the middle.


With Creative B-Roll, we will use more creative discretion on how and when to include any provided B-Roll in order to enhance the production value of your course.

Any assets used in this service must be provided by you. Please see below if you’re interested in having us source stock footage to complement your course.


Animated Pan and Zoom is used most commonly in screen capture videos in order to provide a detailed view of part of the screen. This provides a more seamless viewing experience for your course’s audience, as opposed to crop and reframe above - which is best suited for footage.


If you want to take a more dynamic approach with the visual aspect of your course, we can do that with Animated Graphics. Examples of this service include animated title slides, highlighting key words or other on-screen elements, and logo enhancements.

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If you want your audience to have the option to enable closed captions during your video. We can provide this service as well. There are numerous options as to the look and feel of your captions, and we’ll ensure that they’re able to be toggled on and off if that feature is supported on your distribution platform of choice.

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By utilizing stock footage libraries, your course can really take form in a whole new dimension. If you select this feature for your course, we’re happy to either browse through our own library of stock footage, or multiple libraries in order to find the perfect clips.

However, be aware that sourcing clips outside of our library will incur a higher add-on fee as well as a cost-per-clip not covered under the rest of the project budget.


To the untrained eye, color correcting and grading can get pretty confusing.

Check out the videos below for examples of our three levels of color services.


This package is for instructors that either have a particular look in mind, or are striving to match the branding of a larger organization. With expert color, your course will match the consistent look of your entire enterprise, while also standing out from everything else out there. 

Along with the stylization of the footage, this package also includes any visual repair needed such as noise and grain reduction and light flicker removal.



With standard color correction, in addition to brightness and contrast, we add video filters to match color temperature between camera angles for a consistent and true look for both Lecturer and B-Roll. This also includes removing flickering lights and/or banding.

We do the correction and enriching that is in the Fundamental Package below and then go a step further, matching the cameras so that not only the exposure looks consistent, but the color of skin and room tones do as well. This look isn’t stylized but more a representation of true, natural color.



Fundamental Color Correction is simply adjusting camera brightness and contrast as needed.

We brighten or darken the image to fix exposure and then add contrast to give the footage a richer feel - as opposed to the raw camera footage.


Audio mixing can really help elevate the professionalism of a video course.

Take a listen to the examples below to hear the difference between our three levels of audio mixing services.


Any and all video projects can benefit TREMENDOUSLY from an Expert Audio Mix. Poor audio quality is one of the immediately recognizable cues of an amateur video - even to the casual viewer.

With this service, we will use all of the tools at our disposal to make your audio sound as clean as possible.

The most notable aspect of this service is noise reduction. No matter where you recorded, there’s likely to always be an underlying noise floor to your audio that you’re better off filtering out to make sure your videos are as clear and professional as possible.



With a Standard Audio Mix, we introduce EQ and dynamic processors for improved timbre and overall clarity.

Harsh resonances and piercing “ess” sounds are minimized. Plus, you will hear less contrast between soft and loud delivery.



Fundamental Audio Mix is pretty straight forward.  We take the audio as-is and don’t process it at all except to make sure all your lectures are consistent and that the entire course is at a level fit for human consumption.

Any audio recorded at a low volume will be raised appropriately before publishing.


Working with Archaius Creative on post-production of our Udemy course videos was a pleasure The team worked quickly and efficiently. They were friendly, helpful and responsive. It was clear that they were committed to achieving the results we wanted and ensuring we were happy with the final product.
— Jennifer Barrett, Chief Education Officer at Acorns
In working with David and the Archaius team, it’s always extremely apparent that they know what they are talking about. They aren’t a group of people who fumble around and ‘make things work’. It’s incredibly rewarding to have a relationship with them where we feel comfortable in letting them take the reigns when it comes to building educational content for our customers. We know, without a doubt, that they will lead our viewers in the right direction.
— Meg Tetrault, Marketing Director at LensProToGo
Archaius Creative is, by far, the most hardworking, honest, efficient, deadline and service-oriented video production organization I’ve ever worked with. We highly recommend them to anyone interested in cost containment and stellar results.
— Mike Dooley, NY Times bestselling author and co-founder of TUT.com


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