Tutorial Case Studies

Each project we have the honor of collaborating on has its own unique aspects. Some have challenges, some happy accidents. But one thing they all have in common is the unique opportunity to think creatively to craft the best end product possible.

Check out a few of the diverse educational and informational video projects we’ve helped bring to life.




There’s always more to learn when it comes to better managing your personal finances, especially to the layman with no professional training in budgeting or financial planning. With an intuitive app and tons of additional resources, Acorns has been a leader in connecting daunting financial practices to the everyday person.

On this project, we worked directly with the instructor featured in this course; Jennifer Barrett, the Chief Educational Officer at Acorns.

We learned so many tips, tricks, and best practices by collaborating with the Acorns team on their course - we couldn’t recommend it more!

  • Inclusion of provided B-Roll

  • Fundamental Audio Mix

  • Fundamental Color Correction

  • Trimmed footage

  • Fundamental titles and text

  • Lecture content text


Archaius creative: ROUGH CUTTING

In order to get a deeper understanding of our customers’ experience we decided to create a course of our own using our existing systems and procedures.

We created our ingesting and culling workflow as not only a passive income stream for our company, but also as training material for new team members. It’s important for us that each of our editing projects follows the same, regimented workflow. That way, our creative editors are able to do their best work quickly and confidently.

  • Crop and reframe

  • Animated pan and zoom

  • Animated graphics

  • Expert Audio Mix

  • Expert Color Correction

  • Trimmed footage

  • Animated title slides

  • Lecture content text

  • Inclusion of provided B-Roll

  • Creative B-Roll



Tara Brach’s unique teachings blend Western psychology techniques with Eastern spiritual practices. She focuses on teaching her students to be cognizant of one’s inner self while maintaining a benevolent attitude toward the world outside.

We’ve worked closely with Tara’s team over the course of several projects to retrofit and repurpose her library of existing in-person classes to fit onto Udemy’s online platform.

Much of the decision-making of where and when to make divisions to Tara’s presentations was a collaborative effort between our two teams.

Project Scope

  • Fundamental Audio Mix

  • Fundamental Color Correction

  • Trimmed footage

  • Fundamental titles and text

  • Crop and reframe




When Pexagon Tech (the parent company of PhotoFlashDrive) launched their new PlayBook, they saw so many potential uses that may not be immediately apparent to the market at large.

The Pexagon team collaborated with us in an effort to inform customers in other markets about how the PlayBook could improve their businesses.

Take a look at all creative and interesting uses for the PlayBooks. It may even find a place in your line of work!



Videographers and photographers alike can tell you that it’s an expensive craft to adopt. LensProToGo entered the scene to directly address that concern by providing a reliable, knowledgable, and friendly resource for professionals and enthusiasts alike to affordably rent equipment.

Alongside offering an impressive catalogue of camera, lighting, audio, and stabilization gear, LensProToGo also provides a TON of free educational content across a wide array of disciplines.

We partnered with their content creation team to craft a series of YouTube video tutorials specifically geared toward our specialty - post production.




When it comes to offering ground-breaking tech, you’re bound to get a lot of questions about operation and maintenance. This is exactly what the team at PhotoFlashDrive experienced when they launched their industry-disrupting PlayBooks to the videographer market.

For this project, we collaborated with the PhotoFlashDrive team in order to create a video that would be loaded onto every PlayBook sold from that point forward. This informational video guided customers on how to best customize the videos on their new PlayBook so that it performed exactly how they wanted and professionally represented their brand.