Have you ever come to a point in your edit where you know you’ve got the perfect shot to use, but you just can’t remember where it is? Or have you ever had a bride request an extremely specific moment to be included in her film, but you don’t know which of your shooters captured it? Or what about having an audio source suddenly become unusable half way through editing a Best Man’s speech?

Never fear! Our workflow system is here!

Never miss a shot

Implementing our systematic workflow will help ensure you never overlook options for what to include in your video just because they’re buried under other media.

Save time and mental energy

Our defined system will help you overcome the difficultly of starting a project, allow you to work through the edit more quickly and efficiently, and prevent you from getting burned out at the end.

Work with a team

We developed this workflow not only to be more efficient with our time spent in each phase of a project, but more importantly, to keep multiple team members on the same page as the project moves from desk to desk.







Course Contents


  • Introduction to the Course 

  • Why Having a System for Organizing Media Matters 

  • The Rough Cutting Checklist PDF 

  • Workspace Layout Overview 

  • Becoming Familiar with the Project Panel Layout 

Organizing Media Folders

  • Introduction to Different Places of Organization 

  • Organizing the Internal Hard Drive 

  • Organizing Media on the External Hard Drive 

  • Hard Drive Organization Conclusion 

Importing Media

  • Introduction to Importing Media 

  • Importing Source Audio, SFX, and Music 

  • Importing Footage and Graphics 

Preparing Media Through Modification

  • Introduction to Asset Modification 

  • Clip Frame Rate Modification 

  • Asset Modification Summary 

Culling Non-Synced Media

  • Introduction to Culling Non-Synced Media 

  • Sequences and Bin Overview 

  • Create a New Sequence 

  • Using In and Out Points 

  • Determining Usable vs Unusable Media 

  • Repeating the Process 

  • Treating 4K Footage 

Syncing Multicam Media

  • Introduction to Culling Synced Media 

  • Labeling Source Audio Files 

  • Track Layout for Syncing with PluralEyes 

  • Using PluralEyes within Premiere 

  • Using the Standalone PluralEyes Application 

  • Audio Channel Modification 

  • Setting Up Premiere's Mulitcam Sync 

  • Working with a Multicam Sequence within Premiere 

Proxy Workflow

  • Introduction to Proxies 

  • Renaming Clips on a Mac 

  • Renaming Clips on a PC 

  • Generating Proxies before Starting a Project 

  • Generating Proxies after Starting a Project 

  • Working with Proxies 

  • Other Proxy Considerations 


  • Completing the Rough Cut 

  • Double Checking your Work 

  • Conclusion 

Bonus Section

  • Bonus Lecture: Refined B-Roll Grouping 

Interested in our workflow but overwhelmed with too many edits? We’ll implement it for you.