From graphics and logo animations to masking out problem areas in your footage. Or even full screen replacements, we've got you covered! 

Have you ever seen a video where there was a text component implemented almost as if it were part of the environment? Or looked at your company logo and thought "I really wish I could animate this in some way instead of just fading it in or out at the end of a video"? Or when there's that stray bag sitting in your otherwise perfect scenic shot that you, of course, didn't notice until you watched it in playback later.

With our GFX/VFX experts, these questions and issues disappear (literally)!

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On-Screen Text - Text added on screen. This could be closed captions or by adding text to a template to pop up in a creative way. This would require only minor changes and time.

Animated lower thirds - Titles of interviewees on screen using a template. Swap colors and font to match company branding.

Animations - This could be logo animations or any animation from a templated source.

Custom GFX

Creative text implementation - This would be text interacting with the environment of a shot - moving behind a tree in a pan shot, looking like it was painted on the road beneath cars driving over it, etc.

Custom Animated lower thirds - Titles of interviewees on screen using unique animations created from scratch. 

Animations - This could be logo animations or any animation that would be created from scratch. 

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Screen Replacement

Replacing what is seen on a screen within a shot whether that's a phone, tv, or computer with screen captured content.

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Taking someone (or something) out of a shot where you would have typically used green screen but for whatever reason, didn't.

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Object Removal (Masking)

Taking unwanted objects out of a photo or piece of video footage.

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Green Screen

Replacing green screen footage with other supplied footage.

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Basic Compositing

Adding something, or multiple things into a shot that weren't actually there.

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