Before beginning any project, we'll schedule a phone or Skype call in order to understand the full scope of work needed for a video project.

A Project Manager will set up a time to connect, acting as your point of contact throughout the editing of your project.

Based on this initial discussion, we custom-tailor a quote to accurately account for the unique aspects of your project.


After we've received all of your media, and we're on the same page with all the details, our Creative Editing team will begin to craft your video.

Our team will continually refer to the notes provided to them from you and our consultation call in order to ensure every decision made reflects the details discussed during your consultation call.

Your Project Manager will check in with you at each stage of the process, ensuring that a first cut is as close to your vision as possible.


Once you're happy with the editing of your project, our Audio Engineer, Colorist, and VFX Artist will put the final touches to truly make your video stand out from the crowd.

With their combined skill set, this team can remove white noise from audio, bring out the skin tones of your interviewees, and add sleek animations so that your final video is polished and refined.

Once the editing is complete, we'll provide you with whatever exports and deliverables that best suit your needs.


Archaius Creative’s editing quality is superb and they are able to adapt to any post-production challenges that are thrown at them. Not to mention every team member is diligent, communicative, and incredibly patient. They truly care about each client and they are committed to ensuring a high-quality relationship and a high-quality product each and every time.
— Lauren Rosenfield, Content Development Manager - Udemy
The guys are very friendly, always on time managing to accommodate all our requests with no friction.
— Jan Lukacs, CEO - Paymo
Within days of sending Archaius the footage, we received a first draft and cried with excitement as all of the individual clips, filmed by many different shooters who had no idea what the others were shooting, came to life.
— Meg Tetrault - LensProToGo