Our color department spans the spectrum from basic shot matching and spot correction to crafting looks and working with clients to make each film unique.

Our services can be packaged or à la carte depending on your needs and we can
make sure to tailor the color experience to fit any situation.


For those of you who want to dig a little deeper, we can work closely with you to craft unique looks for each film. We provide sample tests and communication back and fourth to create something truly different.


If you want a little more, we can give your films more pop with true picture styling. This ensures the film looks solid and represents what's on screen in the truest sense of the word. 


In our fundamental package, we can make your film look more cohesive by matching angles throughout the film and troublesome areas where the day just didn't want to cooperate with you.


When I just couldn’t seem to get the right final “look” in my films, I reached out to Archaius and was thrilled to hear they offer a “Color-Only Package”. I was intimidated to start the process, but Archaius was beyond fantastic! Their team had multiple phone calls with me and were always there to help if I had any questions! Any worries I had went away immediately! The whole process could not have been more smooth, and I was thrilled with the final look of the edit! I truly feel that having Archaius help with this process will bring the quality of our films to the next level!
— Matt Forcier, LMV Productions
Archaius makes our business better by being our color specialists. Whether it is creating a consistent brand image with our wedding films or collaborating with our corporate clients on revisions, Archaius has added value to our productions while freeing us up to focus more on other tasks.
— Chris Jones, Mason Jar Films

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